Our Recommended Listing Sites


  • Most Popular Vacation Rental Site
  • Lists Properties of All Types and Sizes
  • Services Travelers and Hosts Globally
  • NOT All Private Listings (Some Mgmt Co)
  • Specializes in "Conventional" rentals


  • Began as a 'budget' travel website
    • Think: extra rooms, shared apts, even couches
  • Today they offer rentals of all trypes, sizes, and rate$
  • Airbnb specializes in exetic or experiential rentals
    • Think: Yurts, Castles, Even Treehouses
  • The primary user profile of Airbnb skews younger (25-30yrs old)


  • HomeAway is the parent company of VRBO
    • However, to post on both, you must list individually on both of the respective platforms
  • Due to it's similarity to VRBO, HomeAway users tend to not overlap significantly with those using VRBO 
  • Similar types of listings to those on VRBO
  • NOT all listings are privatley posted (Some are management companies)


  • Owned and operated by the powerhouse, TripAdvisor
    • Lots of marketing dollars, and heavy trafficled website
  • Listings are more of a blend between those on Airbnb + VRBO
  • FlipKey/TripAdvisor charges 3% of the guests final payment
  • Highly-trusted, very secure website


  • Owned and opperated by Priceline
  • One of the most-trusted travel booking websites on the internet
    • For both host AND guest, in terms of security, customer service, flexibility, etc. 
  • Massive marketing budget, meaning tons of exposure, and traffic from all over the world
  • Advabnces host user interface that makes managing guests and bookings easy
  • Charges a hefty 15% of your guests final payment as booking fee


  • Not as much a booking platform, as a rental search engine
  • Many managemnt comanies, but works for private listings as well
  • You must be listed on a partnered-booking platform first, then the info is pulled dynamically into HomeToGo
    • Recommended: Airbnb (3% commission) 
  • Advertising options available

Red Awning

  • A Marketing Engine that allows homeowners to list on all the most popular websites at once
    • Think: Booking.com, Expedia, Airbnb, Brbo, Google Travel, and more
  • They manage resevation scheduling and paymant processing across platforms
  • Offers free Professional Photography, and option to create a website
  • Charges 10% of guest final payment as booking free + 3% processing fee

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